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Why Answer Shark's QlikView 10 and 11 End-User eTraining? Can't users learn QlikView on their own?

Of course you can.... Eventually. How long will it take for the end users to figure it all out?


QlikView End User online eTraining is a quick and simple video series that shows users how to navigate a QlikView Dashboard. The training is broken up into many 5 - 10 minute modules to allow users to navigate directly to the part they are having trouble with.


The QlikView End User Training starts with the QlikView 'Basic Toolbox', which is 10 simple modules that every user should know. After that are 30 additional modules which users can pick & choose which modules they would like to learn next.


How many users are going to sit in a training room for hours learning (and retaining!) all of the information? Not Many. This is a 60 day access to allow users to watch a few modules at a time, then to go back to their real job and use QlikView. Later, they can return to review modules, or look at new ones.


It's perfect for beginners to QlikView. If you're rolling out a dashboard to new users, this is a must!


Group pricing is available. Email Questions@answersharks.com to see if you qualify


Course Contents:

QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 1 - Access Point 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 2 - Making Selections and Green/White/Gray 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 3 Making Selections and Forward-Back-Clear Buttons 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 4 Searching 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 5 Current Selections 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 6 Locking Fields 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 7 Print-Send to Excel-Print PDF 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 8 List Boxes and advanced selections 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 9 Cycle and Drill Objects 
QlikView End User Basic Toolbox: Module 10 Bookmarks 
Charts and Graphs: Fast Change 
Charts and Graphs: Straight Tables 
Charts and Graphs: Pivot Tables 
Charts and Graphs: Bar Charts 
Charts and Graphs: Line Charts 
Charts and Graphs: Combo Charts 
Charts and Graphs: Scatter Chart 
Charts and Graphs: Radar Chart 
Charts and Graphs: Block Chart 
Charts and Graphs: Gauge Chart 
Charts and Graphs: Container Object 
Charts and Graphs: Object Sharing 
Additional Modules: Bookmark Sharing 
Additional Modules: Set Clear State 
Additional Modules: Cycling Objects 
Additional Modules: Searching 
Additional Module: Current Selections 
Additional Modules: Exporting 
Additional Modules: Bookmarks 
Additional Modules: Advanced Bookmarks 
Additional Modules: Reporting and Exporting 
Additional Modules: List Boxes and Multiboxes 
Additional Modules: Making Selections 
Additional Modules: IE vs AJAX 
Additional Modules: Client IE Plugin Details 
Additional Modules: Client Full Browser (AJAX) Details 
Additional Modules: Access Point  




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