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some wordsAbout Answer Sharks, Inc.


Organizations today are drowning in a sea of data due to the ever-growing size of ERP, CRM, SCM and many other systems from around their organizations. They struggle being able to manage and effectively and efficiently hunt through that sea of data for answers. Answer Sharks are experts in delivering the ability to analyze and manage the massive amount of data today’s business amass from day-to-day by leveraging real-world expertise as well as the latest technology on the market today.


Answer sharks is committed to empowering businesses of all sizes with the tools and knowledge needed to make timelier, informed decisions. Through the use of the revolutionary QlikView business intelligence platform of dashboards, reports and analytics, Answer sharks can help organizations scour any sea of and hunt answers with a few clicks of the mouse.



Key People

Bill Karp Ph.D. – Owner - AKA "The QlikView AnswerMan"

After 15 years of consulting on projects for organizations around the world, Bill founded Answer sharks with one objective in mind – simplifying and delivering powerful analytics to organizations of all sizes.


With extensive hands-on and management expertise in the areas of business intelligence, systems integration, master data management and data warehousing, Bill is constructing an organization focused on delivering maximum value with minimal investment.


Bill was with QlikTech for over 6 years before creating Answer Sharks.   This gives Answer Sharks a unique perspective as having the best practices developed by the Vendor, yet with the flexibility of an independent company.


Recently, Bill was helping build one of the fastest growing software organizations as the Director of Expert Services for the Western US.  Bill helped represent technical solutions to clients during and after the software sales process, developed project plans to solve client needs and managed projects from end-end. In this position, Bill also developed an extensive network of QlikView partners and their skills. 


Bill leveraged the resources of these partners to assist QlikTech in delivering world class solutions from small and mid-size businesses to enterprise businesses.

Previously, Bill was the top consultant for QlikTech in North America for four years. During his time at QlikTech, Bill developed, managed and implemented QlikView within some of the largest organization in the world.


Bill holds a PhD in Management Information Systems from Kennedy Western University, 2 Project Management certificates from Villanova University with a specialization in troubled projects. In 2008 and 2009, Bill was awarded an Outstanding Achievement award in the consulting category from QlikTech.